Community Engagement


Stakeholders from McMaster and the Hamilton community meet to discuss community engagement initiatives.



Deepening our Relationships

The FWI letter reaffirmed McMaster’s long history of commitment to service and to the public good.

To strengthen community engagement at McMaster, we are implementing structural and cultural changes to integrate community-engaged research and education more fully into the academic mission of the University and to deepen our relationship with the communities we serve.


The Network for Community Campus Partnerships, a key recommendation of the Community Engagement Task Force, was formed as a means to share information and to become a resource to others on campus as they seek to engage with the community. The network is made up of faculty, staff and students from many different areas of the University with hands-on experience working collaboratively with the community.

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MacConnector is McMaster's online portal intended to provide information about projects, initiatives, and other resources that might be of interest to members of the community, and to offer an interface that supports the facilitation of respectful, mutually beneficial interaction and collaborations with our community partners

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Ayesha Khan (top row, middle), pictured with her students, drew on the principles of FWI to create a learning experience for her students that would not only teach them basic and clinical neuroscience, but also encourage them to apply their learning to engage in communities locally, nationally and even globally.

MacEngaged: Classroom meets community

Students in Ayesha Khan’s second year neuroscience course are receiving a very different kind of education. In addition to learning about neuroanatomy, they’re also learning how to give back.