Learning Portfolio



What is the Learning Portfolio?

The Learning Portfolio is an online tool that helps students to plan, record and reflect on a range of educational experiences.  From academics  to extracurricular activities; from experiential learning to volunteer work or service learning, the Learning Portfolio can help you capture your McMaster experience.


Use the Learning Portfolio to:

  • Create goals and set a path for success
  • Capture your McMaster experience
  • Keep track of your progress and accomplishments

Getting started

To access your Learning Portfolio, login to Avenue to Learn. Once you're logged in, click "Learning Portfolio" from the menu bar at the top of the page.

Avenue To Learn

How does it work?

The Learning Portfolio is a powerful tool that not only helps you keep track of all your experiences, but can also help you plan for the future and think through your choices. Here's how:


How to use learning portfolio

Use the Learning Portfolio to:

  • Set personal learning goals
  • Capture and organize your experiences inside and outside of the classroom
  • Reflect on what you've learned and how you have developed
  • Share your portfolio with instructors, peers and even potential employers

Where can I get help?

What can the Learning Portfolio do?

  • Provides another way for students to demonstrate mastery of content
  • Helps instructors track student progress and identify gaps in understanding or knowledge
  • Creates habits and skills in reflective and independent learning
  • Encourages students to actively seek out co-curricular activities that will enhance their learning
  • Validates and integrates learning beyond the classroom
  • Helps students to be deliberate about the choices they make and align those choices with their learning goals

Where can I get help?


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