New compendium provides global snapshot

Outreach projects in Haiti; investigating breast cancer biomarkers among women of African ancestry; exploring internationalization through visual art.

These are just a few of the hundreds of international projects highlighted in the 2014 McMaster International Compendium.

Intended to provide a snapshot of McMaster’s global activities, Expanding our Reach: Working Together to Internationalize Higher Education, showcases the breadth and depth of McMaster’s international activities spanning across all Faculties and engaging faculty, staff and students at all levels.

“At McMaster, our continued success as a world-leading teaching and research intensive university depends on an international strategy that seeks to extend our reach, dissolve borders and create programs and experiences that are unique, collaborative and global in nature,” writes Andrea Baumann, Associate Vice-President, Global Health and lead author of the compendium. “This compendium highlights the ties that we are forming with universities, organizations and institutions with whom we can work to develop real solutions and create impact.”

The compendium outlines a number of diverse and far-reaching initiatives, highlighting 300 projects and more than 1250 international partnerships currently taking place in 139 countries worldwide.

This new compendium follows up on an earlier version completed in 2009. Since then, there has been a significant increase in the number and complexity of partnerships with institutions and organizations worldwide, a trend Peter Mascher, McMaster’s Associate Vice-President, International Affairs, expects will continue.

“The Office of International Affairs and I will continue to work to cultivate opportunities that advance and generate involvement in international activities whether they are connected to study or research, to provide students and faculty with the environment to be exposed to global perspectives and in turn, weave those experiences into the fabric of the University.”

Learn more about strategic and structural changes to internationalism at McMaster.

 Read the 2014 International Compendium