How will you contribute to the future of McMaster?

Funds are now available for projects or initiatives that support and advance the principles of Forward with Integrity.

This request for proposals is open to all faculty, staff and students at McMaster and encourages submissions that are consistent with the goals and principles outlined in the President’s letter, Forward with Integrity, and the advisory group paper, The Emerging Landscape.

Submissions could include proposals that experiment with an idea that has the potential to enhance the University, or removes barriers that limit institutional transformation.

The deadline for applications is January 30, 2015.   Applications should be completed using the template below and must include an endorsement/signature from your Dean and and appropriate supervisor.

The source of this support is the President’s Fund, made possible through generous donations from McMaster Alumni.  The total amount of funds available in this request for proposals is $80,000.  Each project is eligible to receive up to $5000.

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McMaster president Patrick Deane talks about the Forward with Integrity RFP process and the impact this funding has had across the University.